Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Group Work: Number Pattern Tasks

Each group is to be re-organised into 2 sub-groups.

Each "sub-group" is given a task.
Click HERE to view the set of questions

1. Take a photo of your suggested solution - make sure the image is clear & big enough.

2. Take a short video clip - no longer than 2 minutes, post it in Youtube - name it something similar to "S1-01-Group 5 Q4"

3. In your Maths blog, in the same blog:
  • Title of Post: Number Pattern Activity - Group 5 Question 4
  • Post a photograph of your suggested solution
  • Embed the video clip just below the photograph
  • Include the name of all the members
On top of that, you've been invited to the G+ Event. 
Click HERE to access.

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