Tuesday, 26 August 2014

S101-Group 2-Question 8


S101 Group 4 Question 7


Number Pattern Activity - Group 1 Question 4

Group 1: (Sub-Group) Jin Yu, Roy, and Durwa

Group Work: Number Pattern Tasks

Each group is to be re-organised into 2 sub-groups.

Each "sub-group" is given a task.
Click HERE to view the set of questions

1. Take a photo of your suggested solution - make sure the image is clear & big enough.

2. Take a short video clip - no longer than 2 minutes, post it in Youtube - name it something similar to "S1-01-Group 5 Q4"

3. In your Maths blog, in the same blog:
  • Title of Post: Number Pattern Activity - Group 5 Question 4
  • Post a photograph of your suggested solution
  • Embed the video clip just below the photograph
  • Include the name of all the members
On top of that, you've been invited to the G+ Event. 
Click HERE to access.

Update: Who have already responded...

For those who have not responded to the survey-quiz,
Click HERE to answer the Quiz.
Submitted by GroupScore
Johan Soo18
Wong Min Quan18
Bhojwani Ria Manoj25
Kaung Htet Wai Yan28
Tham Kai Heng25
Chiu Chen Ning39
Yew Chong49

Transformation: From Circle to Cone

Some of you will find the following demonstration useful - to see how a 'circle' is transformed into a 'cone'.
Watch from 1:17 onwards

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

[T3W8] Support Programme (Group 1)

Geometrical Construction
Support Prog
19 August 2014 (Tues)
2.15 pm to 3.15 pm
S1-04 classroom


Remember to bring along your construction set.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Geometry with Donald!

The short clip beautifully connects various concepts that we've learnt and will be learning in the next couple of weeks.

Look out for the concepts that you are familiar with (e.g. Golden Ratio)

Enjoy your exploration with Donald Duck!

[Someone asked....] Solving Algebraic Word Problems

Sometime ago, someone (from another class) asked how to solve the following word problem (from the Textbook).
Here's the step-to-step explanation on how to tackle this question.

  • Click at the slides to proceed.
  • The working in each slide addresses to a part of the problem (highlighted in red).

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Homework on Basic Geometry

Dear S1-01

A gentle reminder that you were given 2 handouts on Thursday.
Do remember to complete the assignments and submit them on coming Monday (18 August 2014).

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Little Red Riding Hood needs help!

Diagram constructed by Nishtha

Where to meet?

The location of the houses of three friends, Antonio, Benedict and Celine happened to form an equilateral triangle. They meet quite often to catch up with each other; however, none of them want to invite their friends home. To be fair, they decided to meet at a place that is most 'central' to all.

  • What would you suggest? 
  • How would you do it if you have their houses marked on a map already?

Note: There is a typo-error in the above diagram, it should be "Benedict"

Diagrams constructed by Sophia

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Resources for Level Test 2 Revision

Dear S1-01

Please note that the suggested solution for the various papers were already uploaded in your class GoogleSite: Refer to the "02 Revision" folder

Submission of Assignments

Many of you have not submitted the following assignments (in the last 2 weeks).
While these topics would be tested by Thursday (Level Test), you still have to hand it as you would need to demonstrate your understanding and mastery at the end-of-year exam; and you need to know them well when you move on to other levels.

You must hand in these owed assignments by next Tuesday (12 August) by the last period; otherwise, you will have to stay back after school to complete and submit your work.

For those who failed to submit the assignments, you will stay back after school to complete & submit them (12 August; 2 pm to 3.30 pm @ Tutorial Room 1) 

Monday, 4 August 2014

Alternative Assessment 2: Status of Submission

Up to 4 August 2014, 0030h - the following have already submitted their alternative assessments:

Name in fullClassRegister number
Bhojwani Ria ManojS1-011
Everi Yeo Yi YunS1-013
Ho Matsuoka Evangelista Miyuki SophiaS1-014
Nishtha GuptaS1-015
Tang Jun Mei, ShaniceS1-016
Walimbe Durwa NitinS1-017
Chiu Chen NingS1-018
Haw Jin YuS1-019
Joshua WeeS1-0111
Keith tangS1-0113
Kuan Yew ChongS1-0114
Lucas ObeS1-0115
Roy TayS1-0118
Tham Kai HengS1-0120
Wagle Prateek ShantanuS1-0121
Wei-san WeeS1-0124

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Mock Test Results: 2012 Level Test 4

Are you ready for the upcoming Level Test?
Worked Solution: available from 4 August 2014 (Monday) 3 pm onwards.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Maths Consultation (T3W6, in place of Support Programme)

Term 3 Week 6 is the level test week.
This week, the remedial programme would take the form of Consultation Period.

I would be available from 2 pm to 4 pm at the InfoHub (Level 4).
You can come to see me to clarify your doubts if necessary.
Bring along any handouts or questions that you have so that I could narrow down to explain what's needed.

With regards
Ms Loh

Australian Mathematics Competltion

Please be reminded that the competition will take place on

7 August 2014 (Thursday)
2 pm – 3.15 pm

You are required to report to the above venue at
1.40 pm sharp
Sit according to ascending index number outside and wait for your class to be called.

Click HERE for more read the detailed instructions (e..g scoring system, what's allowed to be used for the paper).

Revision for Level Test 2

The following papers were given to all in the past 2 lessons, in preparation of the revision.
  • S1 Maths Revision for Level Test 2 (Questions by Mr Desmond Peh).pdf
  • S1 Maths Revision for Level Test 2 (Questions by Ms Janet Tan).pdf
  • S1 Maths Revision for Level Test 2 (SST 2013 Maths Level Test 2).pdf
The answers for the above would be uploaded after the weekend.

How would the revision look like next week?
  • As mentioned in class, we'll go through 
    • selected questions of the following papers during class time:
      • S1 Maths Revision for Level Test 2 (Questions by Mr Desmond Peh).pdf
      • S1 Maths Revision for Level Test 2 (Questions by Ms Janet Tan).pdf
      • S1 Maths Revision for Level Test 2 (SST 2013 Maths Level Test 2).pdf
    • selected questions from the homework (questions that some of you encountered)
    • mock test question paper
    • Note that we will not go through the MGS paper ((Optional) 2014 MGS Common Test Sec 2 Maths (Algebra)) which has the solution uploaded last weekend.
  • You need not hand in the papers for marking. They are meant for class discussion.
  • You should, however, make an attempt to think through (the steps) how you would answer the question because you may not have enough time to complete all the papers.
Remember to bring the papers with you for the lesson discussions next week.

Note that the revision papers would also serve as useful resources for your end-of-year exam preparation, too.