Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Data Handling: Frequency Table and Histogram

During the lesson, we did the following:

  • Data Gathering - when we collected data from each and everyone who's present in the class. Today, we have 20 data points [absent: Jaishree, Min Quan & Prateek]
  • Tabulation of Data - we organised the raw data in a frequency table as shown on the board. 
    • Note 1: To account for every data point, we 'cancel' off the data point once we noted them in the table.
    • Note 2: We add up the numbers in the "Frequency" row to check if it tallies with the total number of data points.

  • What you need to do at home: Draw the histogram in the space provided; we'll check the next lesson.
  • Indeed, this is about Representing data in a statistical representation. In this case, we are using a Histogram

  • Homework 6B: Do Question 1 only.


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  2. Prateek- Median-9,Mean-10.85
    Wei San- Median-9,Mean-10.85
    Kai Heng- Median-9,Mean-10.85
    Keith- Median-9,Mean-10.85
    Nishtha- Median-9,Mean-10.85

    1. Chen Ning- Median-Unknown,Mean-Unknown

  3. Group 1:Mean:10.85

  4. Johan: Mean: 10.35
    Median: 9
    Yew Chong: Mean: 10.35
    Median: 9
    Durwa: Mean: 10.35
    Median: 9
    Lucas: Mean: 10.35
    Median: 9
    Shanice: Mean: 10.35
    Median: 9
    Everi: Mean: 10.35
    Median: 9