Thursday, 3 July 2014

Data Handling 6.1 Activity 1 (p3-p4) [5 min]

With reference to your study notes (p3-p4),

Four statistical representations (Pictograms, Bar Graphs, Pie Charts, Line Graphs) are used to represent a given set of data.

Describe, based on your observation and understanding,

  • how each of these representations look like; what are the characteristics of these representations
  • how is information represented in these representations; and what kind of information can you draw out from such representations. 

What are you going to do?
As a group, you are going to 'divide and conquer'.
There are 4 tabs to the spreadsheet. Assign a member to take charge of each type of graph to key in the responses. Be careful not to overwrite each others' entry.
Do not click "undo" button.

Click HERE to access the worksheet

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