Thursday, 3 April 2014

20140403 Homework

1. Factorisation using Special Products (Handout) - to be submitted tomorrow (4 April)
Group A questions
Q1, Q2, Q4, Q5 - Use special product to factorise.
Q3, Q6 - You may choose to use special product or cross method to solve.
Note: Q6 (typoerror) It should be 12x instead of 12t

Group B questions
You will have to use algebraic method to evaluate the answers.
Hint: square of (8001) = square of (8000 + 1)

You may complete the following anytime from now till next Monday

2. Solving Linear Equations:
Attempt the Games if you have done so.
Remember there are 2 games - solving equations with answers as integers; solving equations with answers that are not integers.
Refer to the earlier post (below):

3. Introduction to Inequalities
Refer to the earlier post (below):

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