Monday, 17 February 2014

Algebra: The Mind Reader

Click at the LINK to get the Crystal ball reading your mind

Could you UNCOVER THE MYSTERY behind the crystal ball?
(in the Algebraic way!)
Submit your explanation under comments...


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  2. Take for example, a 2 digit number: 72

    Let X be 7 and Y be 2

    72 would be 10X+Y

    When adding the 2 numbers together, for example 7+2, it would be X+Y.

    10X+Y - X+Y = 9X

    Since it is 9X, the final answer would definitely be a multiple of 9. So, the final symbol would be the symbol next to a number with a multiple of 9.

    1. Excellent Answer!

      Just note the representation for 10X+Y - X+Y should be written as (10X+Y) - (X+Y)
      The 2nd bracket for (X+Y) is important as that accounts for the change of the "sign".

      10 points for Group 4 :)

  3. The symbols of numbers will change