Tuesday, 7 January 2014

7 January 2014: What we did today...

Dear S1-01

Today, we briefly went through the information that's available at the Maths Blog (the tabs) and learnt how to enter the GoogleSite to retrieve the set of notes from the Maths GoogleSite.

As suggested, it would be easier for you to manage your work in class if you have them printed out - topic by topic. Do not print out all at one go. It would be heavy and too much to manage.

Do take sometime to fill up the seating plan - Hope that you have a good experience in exploring what a GoogleSpreadsheet can offer :)
In addition, fill up the particulars in the form.

By the way, I've also posted 3 questions in the blog - take sometime to respond to those questions in "Comments":

Last, but not least, remember to bring all four items for the next Maths lesson.

Cheers :)

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